Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fashion Buzz - Instagram Becoming MORE Fashion-Blog Friendly

Wednesday  Instagram announced that it will allow its 130 million users to imbed images on Websites, blogs, and other online outlets, the fashion world responded accordingly. Since the app's inception, the fashion industry has been eagerly using it's photo abilities to promote and share ideas. Director of Business Operations at Instagram Emily White said: “Fashion brands have found a home on Instagram from the beginning. The industry is already using Instagram’s medium of beautiful images and videos as a way to share their latest creations, trends, and showcase the lifestyle associated with their products in a way that is immediate, visual and authentic.” Fashion executives like Uri Minkoff of Rebecca Minkoff echoed this sentiment: “It can be the rise of a new type of a blogger: the Instagram blogger. People with great photography skills can all of a sudden proliferate their images. It’s a new sense of branding for consumers. And for brands, whether they take their own photos or use consumers’ photos — it can help sell product.”

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