Friday, June 24, 2011

I Love

I have discovered ASOS and I love them. They arent expensive and have a very nice clothing selection to choose from along with beauty products, handbags and jewelry.
Visit them at

Check out some of my favorites!"I love their dresses"
Coast Marlena Feather Dress163.77

 Asos Pencil Dress with Cut-out Shoulders-$68.96

Asos Drape One shoulder dress-$68.96

Asos Floral Mini Dress with twist bust-$51.72

Lipsy Drape Chiffon Grecian Embellished Waist Dress-$129.29

Asos Trapeze dress with Slash Sleeves-$68.96

Lipsy Vip Dress Bead Embellished Bandeau Prom-$206.87

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Birthday Haul (ELF Only)

So my birthday was yesterday and so I decided to go to Target and get some E.L.F Products, which I am in love with.
                                                                Makeup Removing Cloths $3
                                     Super glossy lip shine's in Watermelon and Honey Do $1 ea.

                                                       Brightening Eye Color in Drama $1

                                               Tone Correcting Concealer in Apricot Beige $1

                                                                     Mirror $1

Makeup Mist and Set Spray $3
Blush In Candid Coral $3

Eyelash Curler $1
Tinted Moisturizer in Sand $3
  Shine Eraser $1

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beauty item of the month-"June":Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg Spray

This spray will be wonderful for June, not only are some waterproof but also it will leave your legs glowing and plus you'll have the appearance of flawless legs which is amazing to me. Shades vary but this is one item I can't live without.Also you can use this spray year-around but in the summer you tend to wear less clothing like shorts, skirts, and swimsuits so definitely so that's why you should try out this product. You can get the items for $11 at drugstores.(This is not sponsored,Its my own opinion and I just want to keep you looking beautiful at all times.)

My Nails

Hey,so a couple of days ago I decided to paint my nails and I didn't want to choose my normal lavender, orange, blue or even pink so I went with Red! This color I am loving right now even though summer is almost here I think red is a color you can use year-around. What is your favorite go-to color right now?

Sally Hansen in 09-Rapid Red