Thursday, January 31, 2013

Counting Down Till The Sparkly Launch Of Tarina Tarantino Beauty! (Launching 02.07.13)

Hello from The Sparkle Factory! I am so excited to share the news that my beauty collections will soon be available right here at! If you are already a fan of TARINA TARANTINO BEAUTY you will be happy to know that the entire collection will be going live next week with more exciting new seasonal collections coming soon. As a former makeup artist I have spent years dreaming of beauty products that I could never find, formulated with the highest quality, integrity and innovation. As a jewelry designer I wanted to create packaging inspired by the colorful and sparkling pieces in my collections. With TARINA TARANTINO BEAUTY I have brought these two worlds together and hope you will be inspired to create unique makeup looks from sweet and pretty to fearlessly fantastical. XOXO, Tarina

I'm SUPER EXCITED! Are you?? XO Andrea

One Of My Favorite Songs! Jennifer Lopez - On the Floor

I LOVE Jennifer and this song will always be one of my all time favorites! XO Andrea

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ELF (EyesLipsFace) Haul! PART 1

I'm So Excited to share my first Blog Haul of the year! So I placed an order on ELF on Tuesday and didn't get it the following week on a Thursday, I actually found a coupon code for 50% your entire purchase so I got about 18 items for $35 which isn't bad at all. I didn't order any lip products the first time around because I was too busy looking at eye-shadows, blushes and brushes. Next time around when I share my next ELF Haul majority will be lip products and a few face products as well. If you haven't hear of ELF which stands for EyesLipsFace it's a makeup website they sell everything from bronzer, highlighters, foundation, blushes, brushes and makeup remover products all for $6 and under which is the best thing ever considering that a lot of their stuff on their website is either $1 or $3 you would first think too cheap so not good quality but most of the beauty products they sell are well worth it! When I complete my 2nd haul I will d (PHOTOS/SWATCHES/REVIEWS) on all products so that way all the items are together. Until next time. XO Andrea (Below this Picture CLICK the "READ MORE")

Product Launch - NARS 413 BKR "The Multiple"

Even though this color might seem very "fall" season it's beyond gorgeous!  A rich burgundy, the NARS 413 BLKR Multiple is the perfect multi-purpose beauty stick. Its unique creamy formula and sheer color blend effortlessly to create beautiful accents, contours, or dynamic highlights on all skin tones.  Named for the brand’s first flagship address in New York City’s West Village neighborhood, the NARS 413 BLKR Collection was created especially for NARS boutiques. With a second flagship location recently opened in Los Angeles, NARS is pleased to feature the collection at both boutiques, as well as on What do you think of the color?! XO Andrea

The Multiple
Burgundy, $39

-NARS Flagship Stores/ NARS

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monday Makeup Favorite - Get Beyoncé's Exact Inauguration Day Makeup ByMally Roncal Using Mally Beauty!

OMG, This is my 100th Post and sorry for posting this on Sunday but I couldn't wait to share it with you! Now we can all say that Beyonce looked gorgeous for the inauguration.  Her nails were on point and so was her makeup which was done by none other than Mally Roncal. “Beyoncé wanted to go for an old Hollywood look that would look ‘gorgois’ against her black lace dress, which was very glamorous. We went for a daytime version that we both felt would be perfect for the occasion,” Mally explains. “Anyone can achieve this easy-to-wear look at home. It works on all ages, skin types and colors." XO Andrea

Get the Look Below:

1. To set the skin, apply Perfect Prep Poreless Primer all over the face and Cancellation Concealer directly underneath the eyes.

2. To achieve natural-looking coverage, first, apply Ultimate Performance Liquid Foundation. Next, add a sweep of the new Diamond Unpowder to illuminate the skin. Follow by brushing on Effortless Airbrush Highlighter and Blush Duo to the cheeks.

3. For a smoky eye, use the Evercolor Shadow Stick in Saddle Shimmer. Apply all over and underneath the eyelid. Next, sweep a few shades from the Mally Beauty in the Buff Palette onto the eyelids. Finish the look by applying a small amount of Age Rebel Shadow Stick in Chocolate Diamond on the bottom lid right under your eyelashes to open up the eye. Then use the Lightwand Eyebrightener to the inner corners to instantly brighten this area. Lastly, to achieve this bold eyeliner at-home, try using the Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight Eyeliner in Midnight, layered with the Ultimate Performance Ink Eyeliner.

4. Complement this confident eye by pairing it with a mascara that will enhance the overall look. Mally suggests either the Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara or the new Instant Impact Mascara. To create glossy, Beyoncé-like lips, use High Shine Lip Gloss in Mally’s Look or Mally’s Baby.

5. And last but not least, before you leave the house, apply the Mally Beauty Face Defender to lock your makeup in place and Perfect Prep Hydrating Under Eye Brightener to make the eyes pop!

*All of these items can be purchased at Mally Beauty and also QVC *

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beyoncé And Jay Z Attend the 2013 Inaugral Ceremony in DC For President Barack Obama!


(WOW! This is my 100th Post.) Beyoncé along with her husband looked stunning yesterday for the 2013 inaguration which was held in Washington, DC. She wore a F/W '13 Emilio Pucci Gown, Christian Dior Coat and Lorraine Schwartz Jewels (a pair of 80-carat emerald earrings and a 50-carat ring, to be exact). B's makeup was done by the gorgeous Mally Roncal of Mally Beauty. Jay Z rocked a Grey Tom Ford Suit and Hermes Scarf. She sang the National Anthem and she sounded AMAZING!. Check it out below! XO Andrea

Thursday, January 17, 2013

S/S 2013 Trend Report- Cuff Bracelets & 2013 Pantone Colors

So for the upcoming Spring and Summer I think it's safe to say Cuffs are going to be everywhere. They were last year around this time and they are back, actually I don't think cuffs ever went away. Gold and Silver will definitley put a touch of luxe to your look this upcoming season.

Also another S/S 2013 Trend will be these Vivid Pantone Colors! I was looking around and found these pictures on pintrest and I am in love with the names for the colors like African Violet, Poppy Red & Monaco Blue. These will be inspiration to my upcoming OOTD looks to come.

 What are your favorite trends following up to the S/S Season of 2013? XO Andrea

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy 34th Birthday Angel!

 I love this picture of Aaliyah. Today she would have been 34 years young and still beautiful, RIP Angel. XO Andrea

Monday, January 14, 2013

Andrea's Fashion Favorites - 2013 Golden Globe Awards!

I didn't really like all of the dresses that were sported on the red carpet last night at the 2013 Golden Globes, although 2 women that shined last night on my radar were Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria. Who were your favorites of last night?! XO Andrea

                                                     Jennifer was glowing in an amazing Zuhair Murad Spring '13 Gown.

                                                                      Eva Stunned in a Emilio Pucci Gown 

Monday Makeup Favorite - Beyonce Shares Her Beauty Secrets With ELLE Magaine

I was going through my old magazines and found an interview with B back in 2010 when she covered ELLE Magazine, she shares her favorite beauty secrets. Below is her interview, Enjoy. XO Andrea

Are there similarities between music and perfume?
When I write songs, I want them to be sensual and sexy, so women can go out on the dance floor and feel free and strong—like they can say whatever they want to say, especially to the opposite sex. And that's what I wanted Heat to do too. You feel more confident when you're wearing a fragrance you love.

Any anti-fatigue beauty tricks?
I always keep a pair of Ray-Bans handy! And sometimes I put a little gold eye shadow in the inner corners of my eyes—it's more subtle than white, but it still really makes you look more awake.
What do you use to give your body skin that velvety sheen?
I layer on bronzers for public appearances. I love L'Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze One Day gel, which you can just get at Walmart, and Scott Barnes Body Bling is also great.

You do your own makeup for performances. Why not use a makeup artist?
It's a way of getting into the zone—it's part of becoming Sasha Fierce. I'm able to sit down for an hour and play around with makeup, which I find really relaxing and fun. Before a tour, I have my makeup artist design a look for me—she draws it on paper to show me where to put everything.

How important is hair and makeup for getting into film roles?
Very. Especially playing Etta James in Cadillac Records—once I put on that blond wig and those thick eyebrows, I felt much more natural in her skin. That's one of the things I love about makeup: You can change your whole attitude just by doing your eyeliner or lipstick differently.

What are some of your staple red-carpet tricks?
I use a makeup primer, and then I use a lot of powder to keep everything in place. I usually go for a waterproof mascara, or a strip of false lashes when I'm onstage, so I won't get smudgy. And I love L'Oréal Paris Elnett hairspray—it holds like nothing else.

Your mom owned a hair salon when you were growing up. Did you try out a lot of styles?
Oh, yeah. I'm sure it was scary for her because I was always messing with my hair when I was a kid. One of the worst things I did was cut my ponytails off. I saw my mom doing extensions, so I thought she'd be able to put them back on. Thankfully I had separated my hair into quarters and I only cut off the front two ponytails. Afterward I had to have really thick bangs for a while.

Did it make you more fearless about experimenting as an adult?
Definitely. I'm still always doing something to my hair—cutting layers, or bleaching it, or taking it upon myself to copy fashionable hairstyles without knowing the necessary techniques. A couple of weeks ago, I cut my own bangs and put highlights in the front. When my stylist saw me, she was like, "What did you do?!" I did a pretty good job, but she still had to fix it. We're always joking that I'm a frustrated hairdresser.

How often do you exercise?
I've never been all that consistent. If I'm onstage doing a performance for two and a half hours, I don't really think I need to do anything else. So when I'm on tour, I let it slide. But I just started working out at the Tracy Anderson gym. It's hard work!
Tracy Anderson is known for reshaping people's bodies. Is that what you want?
Not really; I'm pretty happy. I want to get my arms a bit leaner, but other than that, it's just maintenance.

Do you follow a specific diet?
Well, I don't eat pasta every day. I'm not trying to lose or gain weight, but I do have to work out and watch what I eat. I'm not someone who can go crazy. I'll usually have cereal for breakfast and a salad for lunch and a light dinner, and then on Sundays I'll allow myself to have whatever I want.

You famously did the Master Cleanse for your role in Dreamgirls . Would you ever do it again?
Never. I did it to lose weight really fast, but it wasn't fun. There are healthier ways to lose weight—I wouldn't recommend it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rachel Zoe Joins ShoeDazzle as Chief Stylist!

I LOVE Rachel and to hear that she has joined the ShoeDazzle team was even more exciting. If you dont know about Rachel Zoe she is a Fashion icon, designer, world-renowned stylist and star of “The Rachel Zoe Project” and she is joining online personal-styling innovator, ShoeDazzle, as the Chief Stylist. ShoeDazzle co-founder and CEO Brian Lee, along with fellow co-founder Kim Kardashian, welcomes Zoe to the four-year-old company. ShoeDazzle CEO Brian Lee says, “I’m pleased to welcome Rachel Zoe to head our fashion team. We founded ShoeDazzle because every woman deserves a personal stylist to make her look and feel beautiful, and Rachel is the most influential and celebrated stylist in the world. Her ability to translate a trend for any woman takes our personalized shopping experience to a whole new level. And this is just the beginning…we have many more exciting things planned this year at ShoeDazzle.”As part of her role shaping ShoeDazzle’s fashion selection and sharing her acumen and advice, Zoe will curate a monthly boutique. Launching later this month, Rachel’s Edit will feature her favorite products and be updated monthly. Her boutique will also feature a new lookbook each month with fashion tips (e.g., what to mix and match), and style guidance, directly from Zoe herself. “I’m so excited to partner with ShoeDazzle because, first of all, I love shoes! I don’t know any woman, at any age, who is not obsessed with shoes,” says Rachel Zoe. “ShoeDazzle is for women who love fashion, shoes, and are willing to experiment – whatever your personal style may be. You don’t need to spend a fortune, either. I can’t wait to offer advice that helps clients put a personal spin on their style, every day.”“I admire Rachel Zoe and as a co-founder, I am thrilled to welcome her as Chief Stylist," says Kardashian. "She’s a force in fashion who will bring her world-famous vision to ShoeDazzle. I can’t wait for her to make ShoeDazzle clients feel styled and glamorous.”

Read more here:

Read more here:

Monday, January 7, 2013

Andrea's Fashion Favorites Roundup 2012 - Giambattista Valli S/S '12 & Gucci F/W '12


So now that 2013 is here I wanted to do a post on some of my favorite fashion pieces from last year including pieces from Giambattista Valli's S/S '12 Collection and Gucci's F/W '12 Collection! XO Andrea

1. Emma Stone is Stunning in Giambattista Valli S/S '12 Gown

The first piece is just "STUNNING"on Emma first off. At the 2012 Oscars, Emma gown designed by  Giambattista Valli S/S 2012 Collection and I love the structure of that dress, the color compliments her hair color and the chic bow-tie on the side shoulder is just Haute to me. 

2. Nicki Minaj/Gucci Model in the F/W '12 Gown


Oh God, this dress just screams "GLAMOUR". I love everything about this dress including the speckled detail around the arms and throat. The sheerness on the arms of this dress gives it a goth-glam look and I love how Nicki wore the chest are open opposed to the model who has a bit of sheer in the middle to cover her chest. 

What were some of your favorite fashion looks/pieces from 2012?! XO Andrea

(Emma and Nicki's Images- Google)

Monday Makeup Favorite - Achieve Jennifer's Fierce Oscar 2012 Makeup Look by Mary Phillips Using L'Oreal Products.

So  Jennifer looked amazing as usual at the 2012 Oscars! Everything from her sleek bun, gorgeous gown and flawless yet fierce makeup stood out. Mary Phillips who is Jennifer's Makeup Artist has the scoop to achieve her flawless look with using all L'Oreal beauty products at an affordable cost, and all of these L'Oreal items listed below can be found at drugstores. XO Andrea

                                                                                           Celebrity Makeup Artist: Mary Phillips
                                                                                                     Step by Step How-To:
  • FACE – First, Mary highlighted Jennifer’s natural glow by mixing L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Makeup in Sun Beige ($10.95) with LaMer The Reparative Body Lotion ($180) to create a dewy but even and  smooth canvas
  • CHEEKS – Mary dabbed L’Oreal Paris Magic Smooth Soufflé Blush in Cherubic on her cheeks for a subtle flush of color ($12.95)
  • EYESHADOW – Mary used two shadows to achieve Jennifer’s sultry eye: L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Eye Shadow in Eternal Black and Iced Latte ($7.95 each)
  • EYELINER – Mary created a winged cat eye with L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in Brown ($8.95)
  • MASCARA – Mary completed the high drama effect of the eye with two coats of L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara in Carbon Black ($8.95)  
  • LIPS – Jennifer’s lip color was the final glamorous touch; L’Oreal Paris Infallible 8HR Le Gloss in Coral sands ($9.99)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Must Have (Jewelry) Piece of 2013 - Gold Statment Cuff

I just ordered this cuff from Ebay, (I'm addicted). I feel that I need something that's going to look as nice and clean as the Celine cuff and I have found this one that is way more affordable! In the spring time when I start doing my OOTD's I'll show you more than one way to rock this cuff. XO Andrea

Kim Looks Gorgeous in Dolce & Gabbana At the ICED Festival in Canada

Kim was in Canada at the Cowboys Dance Hall to hosts the ICED Festival last night (Friday) and she looked great. From her hair, to simple makeup and slight-see through outfit she was glowing! Although in some weeks I think her style will be changing to maternity wear she still will look amazing.XO Andrea

Style Credit - Dolce & Gabbana Blouse, Blazer & Skirt and Givenchy Shoes

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rihanna - Fresh off the Runway (Live at Victoria Secret 2012 Fashion Show)

I say this is the BEST LIVE performance all year! XO Andrea

Andrea's Top 12 Beauty Products of 2012!

Andrea Top 13 Beauty Products of 2012

So I said weeks ago I would do a "Top 12 Beauty Products" Post for the end of the year which I am late but I am finally going to show you my favorites today. I choose everything from of course makeup to perfumes and moisturizers. I hope you enjoy this post XO Andrea

1. Smith's Lip Balm in Strawberry, its very moisturizing and I think better than chapstick and blistex and the packaging is cute too which is a plus. Sephora $7

2. Wet n' Wild's Mega Last Nailcolor, by far I think they have a wonderful selection of shades at a very affordable price. Walgreens,$3

3. Revlon Growlucious Mascara in Black is my favorite. No clumps, no drying out my lashes and it gives them extreme length. Drugstores $8

4. Buxom Insider Eyeliner, Im obsessed with the color Black Jasper because its the most multi- color sparkliest, black eyeliner I have ever seen. This eyeliner glides on very smoothly but one thing I dont like about this eyeliner is that it smudges easily but I still Love it! Sephora $14

5. EyesLipsFace (ELF) HD Setting Powder, first off this powder is very light and matte which is why I can't live without this powder. I doesnt leave a slight white film and a little does go a long way. Another plus to this product is it's only six dollars!! Target/ $6

6. Wet n' Wilds Color Icon Blush is a must-have in any makeup collection. They offer a variety of shades which I like but I also think that the shades look good on any skintone. My favorite to use in the spring-time and summertime is Pearlescent Pink, its a shimmery coral-pink, what's not to love about this blush.?! Walgreens $3

7. Clean and Clear "Morning Glow" Moisturizer, I think the name is self- explanatroy. After using a face wash in the morning I always apply this. It has an SPF of 15 and it oil-free which work for me. Drugstores $6

8. Beyoncé Heat Rush My Spring/Summer Scent! Macys $59

9. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter is the best glossiest moisturizer with color in the world. The two shades I love are Creme Brulee which is a glowing-nude and Strawberry Shortcake a light-pink. Drugstores $7

10. Revlon's PhotoReady Concealer is the best cover-up if you want to hide darkness and circles and redness. But this doesnt completely hide your acne but its still a great concealer. Drugstores $8

11. NewYorkColor (NYC) Brow Pencil is so affordable and works well with my brows. I get my brows threaded so this fills them in perfectly but what I dont like is when you have to re-sharpen it so many times it like it's no use for it anymore but that doesn't matter because the price is great. Drugstores $1

12. Beyoncé Pulse Almost my everyday Scent! Macys $59

Jennifer Lopez Cover's Harper's Bazaar Feb. 2013 Issue

Jennifer Lopez by Katja Rahlwes for Harper’s Bazaar US February 2013. Jennifer has big things coming up for the coming year like the production of her 10th album and the release of "Parker" on January 25, and now covering Harper's Feb. 2013 Issue. Jennifer rocked ensembles from Paco Rabanne and Fendi for the Katjia Rawles shot front page while chatting to the mag about everything from traveling to her successful career, a little bit of Jlo's interview follows below.


Some bit's from her interview with Harper's Bazaar are below:
On traveling:
"I like the whole idea of traveling, of looking good, and doing it well. I make it as simple and as beautiful as I can because my life is kind of big. So I pack my luggage, or dress myself, or comb my kids’ hair, pick up their clothes—that makes our life beautiful, you know? There’s something very elegant in that.”

On her career:
“I’m a singer. I’m a dancer. I’m a performer. I’m an actress. That’s what I’m supposed to be doing. It makes me a better parent, a better person.”

On the notoriously racy palm-print Versace she wore to the Grammy Awards in 2000:
“I have that at home. The other day, my housekeeper put it on a mannequin in my spa, where I get my hair and makeup done. She sent me a picture. She was like, ‘You like this dress?’ Um, yeah, but I don’t know if I like it out in the house!”

For more, be sure to visit to Harper's Bazaar!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

I hope everyone had a safe yet fun time for new years 2013! I wish wellness to everyone and more laughter, success, love and memories for the new year. XO Andrea