Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ELF (EyesLipsFace) Haul! PART 1

I'm So Excited to share my first Blog Haul of the year! So I placed an order on ELF on Tuesday and didn't get it the following week on a Thursday, I actually found a coupon code for 50% your entire purchase so I got about 18 items for $35 which isn't bad at all. I didn't order any lip products the first time around because I was too busy looking at eye-shadows, blushes and brushes. Next time around when I share my next ELF Haul majority will be lip products and a few face products as well. If you haven't hear of ELF which stands for EyesLipsFace it's a makeup website they sell everything from bronzer, highlighters, foundation, blushes, brushes and makeup remover products all for $6 and under which is the best thing ever considering that a lot of their stuff on their website is either $1 or $3 you would first think too cheap so not good quality but most of the beauty products they sell are well worth it! When I complete my 2nd haul I will d (PHOTOS/SWATCHES/REVIEWS) on all products so that way all the items are together. Until next time. XO Andrea (Below this Picture CLICK the "READ MORE")

Below I will list a complete list of everything that I ordered.

Studio Baked Eyeshadows
-Burnt Plum $3
 -Toasted $3

Studio HD Blushes
-Diva $3
-Encore $3
-Showstopper $3
-Superstar $3

Essential Eyelid Primer
-Pearl $1
-Gold $1
-Champagne $1

Essential Glitter Mascara
-Gold $2

Studio Baked Bronzer
-Los Cabos $3

Studio Baked Blush
-Passion Pink $3
-Peachy Cheeky $3
-Rich Rose $3

Radiance Enhancer
-Sunrise $3 (Bronze)

Makeup Brushes
-Studio Stippling Brush $3
-Angled Blush Brush $3
-Angled Eyeliner Brush $3

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