Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Makeup Favorite - Gucci Westman's Revlon 'Baby Sticks'

I hope everyone is having a great Monday!! I'm really busy now but I wanted to share a new beauty product with you all that is from Revlon's line. Their makeup artist Gucci Westman who is hands down amazing, has created another line for the brand titled ' The Pacific Coast Spring 2013 Collection'. The collection also features some eyeshadow sets as well as some lip products too, but what caught my eye were these little baby sticks. Each color has 0.1 ounces of product, which is a small amount and I imagine that these give off sheer color to your lips and cheeks. The three shades are Pink Passion,  Sunset and Tahitian and will cost you about $9 at your local drugstore. Now from some reviews I' hearing this particular product isn't so good, so I will be buying these and reviewing them myself to give you my honest opinion. Have a wonderful Day. XO Andrea (Check out more of my Monday Makeup Favorites HERE)

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