Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Makeup Favorite - Moisturizer Picks For 'Oily Skin'

Happy Monday!!! I cant believe May is almost here....... well basically this week but anyways time for some more beauty talk, probably the most important info you need to know if you have skin problems. For this week, I decided to give my recommendations for all my girls and even guys with 'Oily Skin'. I know that it's sometimes hard to find that perfect moisturizer and now that spring is here with summer following along you would want to prep your skin for the season and the best things about these 3 moisturizers is that they have SPF so no need to go out and get sunscreen because it's already mixed into it. What are some of your best picks for moisturizers that are best for oily skin, I'd love to know. XO Andrea

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