Tuesday, February 4, 2014


It's been a while since I've posted a beauty review and I want to stop that so every so often I will do my best more and more reviews on tons of beauty products that I have in my collection. I love makeup so doing reviews are fun, this could also be helpful to those who are considering getting this product or who just want to hear my personal opinion on the product. Today I am reviewing the Revlon 'Photo Ready' Foundation, I bought two shades 010 Carmel & 011 Cappuccino. Check out my review below, XO Andrea

 *Revlon's States - For poreless, airbrushed skin in any light
 *My Overall Opinion - I bought these two last year in December and never used them so yesterday when I went to work I decided to test these two out. I ended up having to mix the two because Carmel was too light and then Cappuccino had a dark yet slight orange tint to it so I said whatever I'll just see you know and test them out. I do not like this foundation at all, I always prep my skin with a moisturizer and a setting spray anytime I put on foundation and in this case after prepping, you could visibly see some of my pores. I noticed that this foundation also has a tint of shimmer in it which I thought was okay but it appeared almost cakey as if I put on powder after applying the foundation and in my book that's a no-no. Now Revlon states this gives off an 'airbrushed' finished and I didn't get that effect neither did I see my a glow on my face after wearing this product for an hour.Being that my skin tone is darker I also noticed the color shade is off when it comes to the darker shades but that's just my opinion. What I do like about this foundation however is that it's liquid and it has a pump. The pump actually gives you a dime size amount which to me is perfect, just enough! This product is also SPF 20 and being that it's 1. FL OZ, you get a nice amount of product. Personally, this product didn't cut it for me and I don't ever plan to purchase this foundation again. Check out more picture below and my overall conclusion! XO

Product - 2.5 out of 5
Packaging - 5 out of 5
Quality - 2 out of 5
Price - $12.99
Overall - 3 out of 5
Where to buy - Walmart, CVS, Walgreens & ULTA
 Would I Buy Again - NO

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