Thursday, May 9, 2013

Beauty Buzz - Have You Found Your Perfect Foundation Match on PSBEAUTY?!

Friday!! Today I will be posting a Friday Fashion Favorite post and also a new tool to  help you find your perfect foundation. So a couple days ago I was contacted by Anne who works for  PSBeauty , an online company located in the UK that specializes in 'helping you find beauty products/making decisions on which beauty products to buy, she and some  of the other workers had seen my blog and wanted me to try out their Foundation Match Test and give my honest opinion of what I thought about the whole process and this is basically how it works. First they ask you a few questions then lead you to select foundations that you have tried and in the end you are given your personalized results. Now she did tell me that this was an early version of the personalized foundation finder and there are more updates to come and heres my review of what I though about the whole process. I completed the foundation assessment and I seen some foundation on that I used years ago that made me happy to know that they have a huge variety/selection (foundation wise) ranging from way inexpensive to the more higher end. I also think that its great that the questionaire asked what coverage do I prefer and my skin type. Now when picking out the foundations that I have tried according to the brand, having to scroll and scroll down the screen was kind of irritation but nonethe-less the site is amazing and I think is really great guide when finding you perfect foundation and Anne did tell me that they are improving on the scrolling process. Again, I do reccomend this site to anyone weather your curious about this match test or you just want to see what they suggest for you. PSBeauty is sure to be the next on the rise in the Beauty scene! XO Andrea

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