Friday, March 29, 2013

Fashion Spotlight - Celine Trapeze Inspired Handbag For LESS

So this is the 'IT BAG' of the season starting from last fall! At first I didn't fall in love with design because I thought the shaping of the bag was awkward, but later when I seen the different print on the various bags I was in AWE. This bag which is by Celine ranges from $2-3,000 which is very expensive for a handbag. So I discovered a 'Inspired Handbag For Less' at my favorite store JcPennys. It is by Cosmopolitan and the bag comes in 3 different prints and cost's only $50 which of course is way more inexpensive than the actual Trapeze bag itself. I am in LOVE with the White/Black snake combo print below, Gorgeous! What do you think of this handbag?! XO Andrea