Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Makeup Favorite - Keep Your Makeup Locked On All Summer Long!

Happy Monday!! We all want out makeup to last all day, and personally I don't use powder as a finisher. It's August and I believe this is the HOTTEST month of all, I really do think Makeup Setting Sprays keep your makeup locked all day even if you have to spritz it on twice during the entire day including when your finished doing you makeup. Since it's summertime, I actually haven't been really wearing any makeup including blush, foundation, concealer or eyeliner, I've been makeup free. Living in Las Vegas I'm used to this heat but I'm ready for the fall time already. Here are a few makeup lasting recommendations if your looking to try any! From L-R ELF Cosmetics's 'Makeup Mist & Set' $5, Model In A Bottle 'Makeup Setting Spray' $19 (HERE)and then a beauty lovers favorite Urban Decay's 'All Nighter Setting Spray' which is $29 (HERE) , Sephora & ULTA actually has  a mini version of the Urban Decay version for $10. Now I have tried both the ELF & Urban Decay makeup setting sprays and honestly I love them both! I do plan on trying the Model in A Bottle one and also Skindinavia one as well. The good thing about these makeup sprays as well is that they have some that appeal to your skin type, Like if you have oily skin like myself Urban Decay & Skindinavia have certain sprays that will help with that! What makeup setting spray do you recommend?! XO Andrea

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