Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beyoncé's Hair Stylist Rita Hazan Describes B's New Hair Do As "Old Hollywood Meets Modern Day"!

 I'm guessing this is Beyoncé's natural hair when she isn't wearing any weave and she looks BEY-utiful! It's nice to see her without all of her longer hair, at first she did look slightly different but the hair cut fits her, I seen this photo last night after she posted it on her Instagram last night!  Beyoncé actually visited a local Brooklyn salon owned by Neal Farinah who cut her hair! Her  hairstylist Rita Hazan who's been working with Mrs. Carter for a year, did Beyoncé's hue; she  chopped off her hair Tuesday night and colored it Wednesday night. Initially, says Hazan, "Her hair was long and went down her back. She'd been thinking about it for a while and she wanted to go for it and cut it. It was a moment that she had." Hazan describes the new look as "old Hollywood meets modern day. I started with her natural hair color. I left her base color the same and took thin pieces and highlighted them to this Champagne blond hair. It's soft but strong at the same time." XO Andrea


  1. Beyonce looks amazing! I am loving her with short hair.

  2. I Agree with you, She looks more chic!