Friday, June 28, 2013

Fashion Spotlight - Andrea's Top 3 Summer Fashion Staples!

Andrea's Top 3 Summer Fashion Staples!

Happy Friday to you all! It's officially summer so I wanted to give you my pick on whats not only in my closet but I think these are the basic essentials to complete your wardrobe this summer! Those three items are 1. A Colorful Statement Clutch 2. Basic Sandals and 3.Pencil Skirts.So, first off you should have a clutch in your wardrobe anyways (if you don't go and BUY ONE), to me know they are more essential than carrying around one of my classic handbags and add a little bit of spark to your look... In other words MORE GLAM! Second key item are basic strap sandals, I say in every single color. Since it's going to be really huimd out no matter where you live, I'm sure you won't want to walk around in pumps all day.. Your feet need breathing room and I think having basic sandals in your closet are good. The main colors are Black and Nude but for those who have a very colorful wardrobe, color-cordinate your looks! Lastly, I know that pencil skirts have been around for years but at end of last year I bought 5 of them in different colors and re-discovered my love for them. Not only are Pencil skirts sexy but personally, I don't like wearing capris or jeans throughout the summer, sometimes I wear shorts but 98% of the time you catch me in a skirt including maxi's as well. My style is Chic, Glamorus and Sexy 365 days of the year and this was a glimpse of how you can achieve that! I hope you all have a wonderful Friday & What are your Top 3 Summer Fashion Staples?!! XO Andrea

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