Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Spring/Summer Beauty Picks♥ (2012)

These 6 Items are my Top Picks Beauty Wise for this Season.

1. I think the only way to get Healthy Flawless Legs is by using this Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg Spray which is about $12 at Drugstores. This is sure to cover up at least 99% of all scars or any other skin problems you have on your legs.

2. This time around I probably won't be using a tinted moisturizer or foundation. I'll will stick to a Matte Bronzer, I sometimes love bronzers with shimmer but during the spring, summer and sometimes fall time I don't want to walk around with a pure bronzey-shimmery face. This one by NYX is only $9 I believe and gives you a nice Healthy Matte Glow and you can get it at ULTA Stores.

3. Your Skin is something you should take care of all year long. NO MATTER WHAT. So even if you do or don't and you have blackheads or Pimples this Cleanser is something you need to try. This product by Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash which is $6 at Drugstores. This has been proven to clear up skin in just 1 month.

4. You literally need to Moisturize your skin EVERY SINGLE DAY during the year and especially during spring and summer. A Moisturizer that contains SPF is even better that way you have your protection and no need to add extras like sunscreen. Although I do recommend you use SUNSCREEN also this already has that extra touch so no need to. This items is by Clean and Clear and it's the "Morning Glow" Moisturizer that is $6 at Drugstores.

5. You cannot go without a Tinted Lip Balm with SPF this season at all. This one by Fresh which is a Sugar Lip Treatment is $22.50 at Sephora, and they come in a varitey of shades such as Coral, Honey, Plum and Rose. These are slightly tinted with color but is sheer across your lips.

6. Even though all of the items I listed below are main essientials I would be needing a Highlighter is a must for me eveyday of the Year. I like a glowy complexion no matter what and this one by Dior which is expensive at $40 at Sephora will do just fine, but Wet N'Wild has a Idol Eyes Eyeshadow Pencil in the Shade Pixie for $2 and works just as good.

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