Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Holiday 2012 Haute Glamour Fashion Picks

Haute Glamour

Haute Glamour by iloveandreab featuring vince

(From L-R)

I am far beyond in love with Sequins, Gold, Glitter, Dresses and Glamour! So for this year's holiday fashion guide I picked out my favorite fashion picks of 2012.

1. A Sequined, Gold Chian Bag is always in but especially for the holidays this purse is so pretty and goes pretty much with anything to add that sparkly touch.

2. Any Sequin Detail Blouse! Why Not, Right.

3. Metallic Gold Belt (Season Must-Have including Spring and Summer)

4. A variety of Sequin's Clutches to match anything simple but these add a touch of shine and luxe to your outfit.

5. I've been obsessing over this Emerald Green Wrap Dress by Honey Punch! Way too pretty and isn't your typical red, black or pink dress that one would wear, the color is perfect for this holiday season.

6. A Pencil/Body-Con Gold Sequin Skirt

7. Any girl should own a pair of Gold Sequin Pumps!

8. An Oxblood Red/Burgundy Peplum Sequin Dress and and nice jeweltones will compliment this dress.

9. A simple yet chic Gold-Cuff, I know that the Celine cuffs are  to die-for but there are ton's of look-alike's out there. You just have to look and find them like on sites like Ebay.

10. Gold - Pointed Classic Black Pumps are actually in style now and give off that polished/classic look.

XO Andrea

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