Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall/Winter Nails 2012- Purples and Teals Along With Gold Glitter and Hunter Green

For this season and the next I LOVE deep colors and also sparkly colors although spring and the summer are my favorite seasons. My favorite for this time of year are deep teals and hunter greens but year around I always wear purples and gold glitter. The teal and green make any outfit look dramatic just because its a deeper color which I like and purple is my favorite color so thats an all year long color I wear with again just about anything and if you want something really glam and make your look pop always use a glittery color not necessarily gold if you don't like the color of course but you have multi glitter, black glitter, purple glitter, red glitter, silver glitter ect. every color in the book has a glitter shade by almost any nail brand. So I hope you loved my nail picks for the Fall/Winter season! XO Andrea.