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InStyle Magazine's Sept. 2011 Issue (Inside Kim, Khloé and Kourtney's Kloset) Closet Confidential

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Kim's Jewelry Box-

Behind lock and key is a cache of extravagant baubles that may one day rival Elizabeth Taylor’s. “I love big and chunky pieces,” she says, opening drawers filled with chandelier earrings, pavé cuffs, and cocktail rings by fave designers Lorraine Schwartz and Loren Rydinger. “I don’t borrow for the red carpet; I’m lucky enough to have my own.”

Kim's Closet Tips -
“Always use the same style of hangers throughout,” she says, recommending Real Simple Solutions Slimline flocked hangers. Dresses are arranged long to short, and jackets are sorted by texture. And to create a boutique-like vibe, she likes to “showcase the most beautiful” pieces. She also says to “hide T-shirts in a cupboard or drawer. It’s so hard to keep them nicely folded.” Finally, toss anything that doesn’t fit. “I sell those pieces on eBay and donate the proceeds,” she says.

Kim’s Accessories (As of Sept. 2011)
  • Pairs of Shoes – 318
  • (68 pairs of Christian Louboutins shoes)
  • Handbags – 112
  • Clutches – 34
  • 9 – Hermès Birkin Bags
“When I got married, this was the one room I didn’t try to make co-ed,” says the 27-year-old star, whose husband is Lakers forward Lamar Odom. “It’s very me, very Zsa Zsa (Gabor).” (Odom’s walk-in—chock-full of size 17 high-tops and heaps of silky warm-ups—is his own shrine to his team’s colors, purple and gold.)

Khloé Shoe Collection-

“I love all of my shoes! It is a must to have them color coordinated, and to be able to see each and
every one of them. I know exactly where each one lives and I can tell if one has even been moved! It definitely helps to put one shoe facing front, and the other to the back. It saves space, but it is also nice to be able to see the back-side of the shoe. I am an organization freak!
“When I’m buying new shoes I ask myself, ‘Would I look good wearing them naked?’” It’s a shopping strategy that has led to a museum-worthy collection, including aqua fringed platforms and hot-pink python booties. “Louboutins are like artwork to me—my Picassos,” she says, displaying her most recent acquisition: Swarovski-encrusted peep-toes. “It took two months to track these down.” Did they pass the birthday-suit test? “They look good from every angle!” she says.

Khloe’s Accessories(As of Sept. 2011)
  • Pairs of Shoes – 235
  • (71 pairs of Christian Louboutins shoes)
  • Handbags – 127
  • Clutches – 51
  • 3 – Hermès Birken Bags

        Kourtney’s Closet-
“I love things with a story,” says the petite 32-year-old. Some of her “little treasures” include a turquoise Chanel bag her dad bought for her mom on Rodeo Drive and 1980s door-knocker earrings inherited from her grandmother. Kourtney’s latest find: a metal Viking helmet. “This one doesn’t have a story, but what can I say, it was 35 bucks!”

“Khloé is good about sharing,” says Kourtney. “I could take all her bags and tops and never have to buy a thing!” And Kim? “Not so much.” Luckily, the sisters have found a way to sidestep any sartorial square-offs: “If we see a pair of shoes we all really love, we’ll take them in a size 5, 7, and 9. I know it’s not practical, but the salesmen love us!”

Kourtney’s Accessories(As of Sept. 2011)
  • Pairs of Shoes – 153
  • (20 pairs of Christian Louboutins)
  • Handbags – 28
  • Clutches – 63
  • 1 – Hermès Birken Bag
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